Scope: Bookado for Teams, Bookado Admin Portal, Bookado Backend

Recently we have updated our software to make sure that you enjoy using Bookado.

Please find below information about newest releases. If you experience any problems with the release please contact our Support Team.

Bookado for Teams [1.2.15]

  • [NEW FEATURE] List of favorite resources
    – You can mark a resource as favorite
    – You can display a list of your favorite resources
    – Organization can disable “Favorites” feature by contacting Support Team
  • Add New Reservation (+): While booking a desk for the future the default time of reservation is set to 8h (starting 8:00AM and finishing 4:00PM)
  • Add New Reservation (+): While booking a desk for today the default time is from “now” and duration 8h, or till 4PM
  • Fixed the issue with displaying long-names in the Location filter field
  • Fixed the issue with displaying app on the Microsoft Teams Mobile Application

Bookado Admin Portal [1.5.0]

  • [NEW FEATURE] Navigation between resources, while displaying resource details, has been improved by adding a link to “Previous” and “Next” resource.
  • Improved “Instructions” page visuals
  • Fixed error while uploading image files bigger than 5MB
  • Providing a phone number to team members (other than primary) is no longer mandatory
  • Fixed issue with duplication of primary team member data in specific case

Bookado Backend [20220412]

  • [NEW FEATURE] On organization level Enable/Disable visibility of list of Favorites resources
  • [API PERMISSION][MICROSOFT USERS] Added a new API Permission on Application level: Calendars.Read
    This is needed to fix the notification issues as well as to enable Bookado to collect information about bookings for incoming “Reception” feature.
    IT Administrator has to provide Admin Consent for Bookado app again to accept that change. If you are an IT Administrator you can provide your consent under the following link Admin Consent.
  • [NEW FEATURE] Reception – backend support for queries allowing to check reservations of particular user (for example to find out when a colleague is in the office this week). Availability in “Bookado for Teams” coming soon.
  • Specifyng a phone number is no longer mandatory while adding a team member to Bookado Admin Portal