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Adapt your office to changing conditions.

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Your safe office

Bookado is a fast and effective way to help you adapt to new regulations, provide a
safe work space with easy and actionable social distancing, and improve hygiene by
eliminating unwanted touch screens.

Adapt your office space to new conditions fast

Rapid deployment it is a core of the modern workplace – the smart office

  • You don’t need any new office equipment like tablets, monitors or touch screens to use Bookado.
  • We replace this unwanted hardware with QR codes that can be read quickly by any user with a smartphone.
  • No hardware means you can install and introduce Bookado in a single day and quickly adapt your space to the changing reality.

Touch-free AR bookings

Let your employees book rooms “on the go” and at lower risk to their health with Bookado touch-free booking.

  • Bookado uses AR markers to remove the human touchpoint from conference room and desk bookings.
  • Scanning an AR marker on a desk or door means less communal spots that get touched a lot.
  • Bookado significantly reduces the health risks from human error or negligence.

Desk reservation for your new space arrangements

Quickly reconfigure your office, at low cost, with our desk-booking application.

  • Companies needed to reduce the number of available workstations in offices to adhere to social distancing rules.
  • With Bookado, managers can list available desks in the application and employees can book them for given days depending on their needs.
  • When all available desks are booked, other employees can instantly see that they have to stay at home that day.



As times and regulations dynamically change, we’ve created a system that provides total flexibility. You can change your office setup in minutes.

  • In post-pandemic-offices, the space arrangements will be different. Companies need to introduce social distancing rules, sanitation stations, safe floor paths, etc.
  • Companies also need to move more employees to the home office, introduce shifts, and reassess their use of space and their needs.
  • The situation is also changing all the time as restrictions can be eased or tightened from one day to the next, depending on circumstances.
  • Bookado, which uses AR markers, is the only solution that lets you reimagine the use of your office space and reconfigure in minutes without disassembling or mounting hardware and at absolutely no extra cost.
  • Changing the layout or capacity of your office is no trouble and your employees can book their desks and meeting rooms in advance from home.


Not confirmed = not taking place


Nobody likes ghost meetings, when the room remains booked and no one shows up for a meeting. Bookado tackles the problem by making it easy to have a booking culture.

  • We solved this common issue with push notifications.
  • The initiator of the meeting has to confirm the booking in the application to let everyone know that the room is occupied.
  • If the booking doesn’t get confirmed, the room goes back on the list of available resources.
  • In the post-pandemic office, this means less conflicts, less interference, and a wiser use of space.
  • If a meeting finishes early, the host can adjust the reservation time with one click so everybody knows that the resource is already free.

Cost effective

There are a number of reasons that make Bookado more cost-effective than traditional meeting solutions:

  • Not using display screens or tablets means no additional purchase or maintenance costs for hardware.
  • We offer a SaaS solution in a pay-as-you-go model. You pay only for the number of resources that are in your system, with no subscription and no minimum number required.
  • There are no contracts required. You can sign on and sign off at any time.
  • We offer a 30-day trial. That’s enough time to check how Bookado will fit in your company and feel the benefit.

Check our E-book

Are you planning to return to the office? Wondering how to ensure the
safety of employees? This short guide will show how Bookado gets you
back to work safely, in quick time, and within your new operational budget.

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