Did you know that 40% of employees waste up to 30 minutes a day looking for a meeting space?

What is even more terrifying is that this sentence comes from an article published in 2014*. It is really hard to find data describing situation nowadays, but it is probably wise to assume it hasn’t improved.

We have decided to look closer into meetings organization and mechanics behind it. You can find a lot of materials and articles about preparation to the meeting, its moderation and tricks on how to achieve the meeting goal, so once the meeting is organized then most probably you will use this time wisely and conclude achieving the goal. But what about the time before the meeting starts? What about time needed to find and book the room?

Let’s do the math

“40% of employees waste up to 30 min a day to find a meeting space.”

Assuming an organization has 1000 employees, the waste equivalent to the time spent on searching for the meeting space daily would be 200h. This is equal to 25 man-days! Of course organizations are not equal and the numbers depend on organization profile. It will be different in manufacturing among production staff where the number of meetings is relatively small and the recruitment company where the number of meetings is rather huge, as the profit of the company correlates directly to a number of held interviews.

What would you do with 25md daily? This is quite a big project, 25 people working full time…

Let’s check it further and assume that our sample organization operates in Germany. There are 252 working days in 2018. This gives us 6300 md a year that is wasted for searching for a meeting space!

Even if this number is significantly lower in case of your organization, it is still a waste and as such should be managed in organized way. This effort is spent on easy and repetitive task that no one likes to perform as it  is tedious job.

How to reduce waste?

Finding space for a meeting became a challenge, as meeting rooms became a scarcest resource in many organizations. Although most of modern organization use a room reservation system, there are still issues with rooms availability.

Employees should receive simple and convenient way to make the bookings. Reducing time needed to make the appointment and booking will pay off later in increased productivity. The solution should be smart and when possible should remind employees about correct behaviors. Employees should focus on activities that brings value instead of wasting time for administrative work. This is exactly what you can achieve with Bookado!

Bookado is a SaaS solution integrated with your room reservation system. Employees may use their mobile devices to check room availability and make the booking much quicker. You do not need to install any hardware devices in front of the meeting rooms as thanks to Augmented Reality the same information is available to the users exactly in the moment when they need it. This is huge advantage as cost of deployment is really low comparing to hardware solution, and you can start taking benefits of smart office the same day you subscribe!

Make your office a smart space.

Contact us and become an early adopter: start@bookado.io.