There are more and more things to do. More meetings to organize and decisions to take. The only thing that is constant or even shrinks! is amount of time to act…

That is why we often forget to cancel our meeting room reservation when it’s not needed. We think it is not important and not worth those few minutes to spent. How to save time and reduce waste within that process? One may say:

“Opening my laptop and login into the meeting room reservation system to locate my booking and cancel it, takes around 3 to 5 minutes! I really have more important tasks than this one. I have informed all attendees that the meeting is canceled.”

Unfortunately not all the attendees as meeting room hasn’t been informed and the booking is still present in the meeting room reservation system. It prevents other employees to use this room for their meeting. They often have to wait till next day.

You can read about meeting space shortage here and see that each ‘ghost meeting’ cost a real time and money.

Help your employees to organize better.

It is not enough to run information campaign, or remind everyone how important it is to return the meeting space and allow others to us it. People are smart, they understand it, but whenever there is a choice between delivering their own goals and helping others to do so, most of them will choose their own good – this is natural.

That is why people need the solution that helps them organize better. It should remind when action is needed and allow to take action fast. This is exactly how Bookado push notifications works!

Bookado push notification.

The ad-hoc identification if the meeting room is available or busy have been introduced in our previous post, you can read about it here. It helps to save time needed to check if the room is available in seconds instead of minutes!

In order to reduce waste and cancel not used bookings, we have introduced Bookado push notifications. Application is monitoring the bookings that should start now, and sends notification to the meeting owners on their mobile devices:

A meeting {subject} in {Room name} is about to start. Please confirm or release the booking to allow others to use it.

Meeting owner can reply immediately with ‘Confirm’ or ‘Release’. When the meeting is confirmed application knows that the booking is in use. When it is released, application releases the booking allowing other employees to see the free slot for their meetings.

By asking users to confirm the booking in the moment when the meeting should take place and allowing them to take action immediately with one tap of the finger, we make the process easy and accurate.

This is how Bookado makes your office space smarter. Save time and reduce waste with us: