True story. I drove home the same way every day for three years: Arrive at the junction, turn right and carry on down to the lights, then take the first left and the second right—a section of my trip that was about a mile long. Then, one day, I took a taxi home and the driver took a tiny side road to the left at the junction—one that I didn’t know existed. In about 200 yards, it came out right next to my house. Of course, I’ve never taken the old route since. You may experience just the same when you try the Bookado conference room booking system.

It’s the same with technology; we never realize we’ve been doing it the wrong way until we are shown something that is more simple, efficient, and user-friendly. And then we never go back.

So, here’s the crux of the matter: until today, you’ve been doing conference room booking the wrong way. But that’s okay… because today we are going to turn left instead of right.

Your current conference room booking system probably comprises touchscreens that are mounted on the wall near specific conference rooms and linked to an application like Google Calendar or Microsoft 365. It’s also fair to assume that those screens were the talk of the office when they were installed. And yet, only a couple of years later, AR-based touchless technology like Bookado has rendered them close to obsolete. 

Watch the video to see why…

Bookado leverages AR technology, without electronic hardware, to create a booking system that actually works better than your current solution. Here’s how:

  • Simple setup

You print marker stickers that can be put in any place around the office, which then instantly becomes a bookable space. This is your first big departure. No hardware means no purchase, installation, or maintenance cost for those touchscreens. And you can move markers at any time to switch a meeting space to a new location.

Bookado has easy setup
  • Efficient

Enter the Bookado app on a mobile device and point it at a marker. You’ll instantly see room availability and can book a space with a single click. If a room is booked and you need another space, it’s just one more click to see the current and upcoming availability of every meeting space.

Bookado is Efficient
  • User-friendly

We are all millennials now. Every one of us uses mobile solutions and seeks them out wherever possible. Bookado does everything through the user’s smartphone, using a traditional interface or AR augmentation. Markers instantly switch from QR codes to information on the screen. This is the exact way that we now expect to interact with the spaces around us.

Bookado is User-friendly
  • Eco-friendly

This is not a bonus. Many workers now consider their company’s environmental responsibility to be a key factor in their choice of workplace. All those touchscreens that looked good in the first week of installation will end up in landfill (among millions of tons of other electronic goods) when they reach end-of-life. With Bookado, we’ve cut the environmental impact down to the absolute minimum. 

Everything you need to know about how Bookado works and why it is better for business is really contained in the 30-second video clip above. That is the beauty of new solutions that replace old habits: it’s immediately obvious that the old method is now the less effective way of doing things. It’s that same feeling we get when we take the left turn and instantly realize we’ll never turn right at that junction again.