Scheduling and planning is an indispensable part of office life. But locking down every moment of your working day in advance is impossible in a fast-moving world. A lot can happen over the course of an eight-hour day: urgent discussions, topics that demand to brainstorm, calls that require silence and focus…

All these situations pop up without warning during the working day and require the booking of meeting rooms on the go. However, the big challenge is that most of our co-workers have made plans in advance and it is a struggle to find a free space on demand.

Time-consuming search for free space in the office

Searching for available rooms might seem like a minor inconvenience but research shows that 40% of employees waste up to 30 minutes a day looking for a meeting space. When we sum that up, in large companies, that is a serious amount of wasted hours.

To solve this problem Bookado offers an easy and fast booking tool that helps employees find meeting rooms on the go and increases their productivity. How does it work?

Imagine that during a busy workday you have a guest or colleague with whom you need to sit and talk things over. It’s an unplanned meeting and you jump into an empty room that seems to be free… only to get kicked out later by someone else who has a booking but turned up late. We’ve all been there… and many of us have experienced one-hour meetings that have taken place across three or four rooms. It’s not only embarrassing; it also disrupts the conversation. So wouldn’t it be wiser to avoid such situations with a single, simple tool?

Scan AR markers and book meetings on the go

Bookado uses AR markers, placed on conference room doors, which can be scanned by each employee’s smartphone camera. The scanned marker shows if the room is free and for how long will it remain available. You can easily book it from this point or, if the room is busy, click the “other rooms” button to find a place for your meeting. 

If you aren’t close to a door with an AR marker, you can still book the room via Bookado. Imagine that you are waiting for a guest at the reception; you can enter Bookado and browse the rooms list. The application will show you the rooms available at that moment, those that will be free available soon, and those that are busy. You could choose the best option for your needs and book a meeting immediately.

See how it works:

Bookado helps you use your space better. Instead of renting bigger offices, see how intuitive technology can help maximize the way you use your current space.

With the right tool, your employees won’t have to struggle to find a place to do great work. There will be no more arguments about meeting rooms. You’ll see how frustration disappears and a feel the positive difference in your company culture.

Try Bookado. Change the way you work in your office. And change the way your office works for you.